The Empty Man

Zverejnené 4 feb 2021
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THE EMPTY MAN is a supernatural horror film filled with action, suspense and sheer terror! After teenagers from a small Midwestern town begin to mysteriously vanish, the locals begin to suspect that their disappearances may somehow be tied to a terrifying local legend. Thrust out of retirement, James Lasombra (James Badge Dale), a troubled former cop still reeling from the deaths of his own wife and son, begins to investigate the events that have shaken this community. Things take a bizarre turn when Lasombra discovers a secretive group of occultists who seem to be attempting to bring forth a horrific, mystical entity. Before long, Lasombra realizes that his life - and the lives of those close to him - are in terrible danger in this white-knuckle chiller. THE EMPTY MAN also stars Marin Ireland, Stephen Root, Ron Canada, Robert Aramayo, Joel Courtney and Sasha Frolova. Directed by David Prior from his screen story and screenplay based on Cullen Bunn's novel.

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  • hitofmercy L

    hitofmercy L

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    Редкая чушь про душевнобольных,хотя начало вроде бы неплохое..💩

  • Константин Клюкин

    Константин Клюкин

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    Хороший фильм, рекомендую!

  • Ирина Попова

    Ирина Попова

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    Интересный, долгий, рекомендую к просмотру! Напряженный)

  • Светлана Романова

    Светлана Романова

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