Minecraft, But The Mobs Are Controlled By A Player...

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Minecraft, But The Mobs Are Controlled By A Player... This was actually insane. What if normal mobs were like this...
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This is a custom coded 1.14 / 1.15 survival challenge. My friend is able to actually control mobs and try and prevent me from beating the game. He can use all of their abilities like a creepers explosion and an endermen's teleport. Any creature / Monster in the game, he can turn into it. This was super funny and also super fun.

Can I beat the enderdragon?

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Minecraft But challenge

  • Raisha Alessa Princessa

    Raisha Alessa Princessa

    Pred hodinou

    if i was in that vid as a mob. i would be a pig ngl

  • òwó


    Pred 2 hodinami

    5:10 slow it down and you'll see george as a dolphin jumping into the creeper

  • Jackson Conyers

    Jackson Conyers

    Pred 4 hodinami

    The end wasn't fair.

  • Parker Procise

    Parker Procise

    Pred 5 hodinami

    You knowngeoege in private probably saying alllah akbar when he blows up a creeper lol

  • JRS_17


    Pred 6 hodinami

    “The Adventures Of Dream And The Rabbit” I would love to see that

  • fe4R_ MATT

    fe4R_ MATT

    Pred 10 hodinami

    George- shoots arrow as skeleton
    Dream- looses 1 heart

  • بلنطح balantah

    بلنطح balantah

    Pred 12 hodinami

    Who still watch this video like me

  • David Dorough

    David Dorough

    Pred dňom

    Dream: Enderman is fighting him
    Me: JuMp iN ThE WaTeR!

  • Harold Cheese

    Harold Cheese

    Pred dňom

    Were they on easy? Everything did so little damage. How boring.

  • Just Pair

    Just Pair

    Pred dňom

    Dream sees him for 00.01 milliseconds Also him Ur a sprinting creeper

  • Elite_Knightx Sareth

    Elite_Knightx Sareth

    Pred 2 dňami

    6:10 intro clip

  • Liam Watson

    Liam Watson

    Pred 2 dňami

    2:16 ski-doddle ski-daddle, George is a spidaddle

  • Omar Khalid

    Omar Khalid

    Pred 2 dňami

    why are you mad 32:47

  • Giovanna Silva

    Giovanna Silva

    Pred 2 dňami

    Love of my life 💛💛

  • Obaid Almuhairi

    Obaid Almuhairi

    Pred 2 dňami

    I ❤️ you😍😍

  • Stun fun comedy!

    Stun fun comedy!

    Pred 2 dňami

    12:34 imagine if he had taken George in bucket😂😂

  • Rayonna Stacy

    Rayonna Stacy

    Pred 3 dňami

    No one is mentioning what George said at 30:06

  • nova_wolf


    Pred 3 dňami

    10:31 thats what she said

  • drekthepro


    Pred 3 dňami

    Dream's luck with minimum hearts is insane

  • Henk Dagblad NL

    Henk Dagblad NL

    Pred 3 dňami

    Trump: we need to build a wall
    Me: 14:16

  • Frogo forgot

    Frogo forgot

    Pred 3 dňami


  • Frogo forgot

    Frogo forgot

    Pred 3 dňami

    Dream may be eating something that’s why he keeps saying “MMmmmmmMmmMmMmmmMmmmMmm”

  • Frogo forgot

    Frogo forgot

    Pred 3 dňami

    You should try beating minecraft as a fish idk if you already did it bc I can’t remember, I think it will be funny and entertaining to watch.

  • Danika Davis

    Danika Davis

    Pred 3 dňami

    when george was stuck on the floor i saw him for like 1 second and then the video was like “LETS GIVE THEM AN AD”

  • Michael Kelley

    Michael Kelley

    Pred 3 dňami

    I’m surprised Dream didn’t get it at “you need a mint”

  • Strong Boifan

    Strong Boifan

    Pred 3 dňami

    If your watching this is 2022 your a legend

  • Diegoxb21g.


    Pred 4 dňami


  • P Slater

    P Slater

    Pred 4 dňami

    You 😠

  • Nasim Rasheed

    Nasim Rasheed

    Pred 4 dňami

    10:32 that’s what she said

  • Poisoned Eva

    Poisoned Eva

    Pred 4 dňami


  • DashedKetchup56


    Pred 4 dňami


  • Kaylenn


    Pred 4 dňami

    "your such a little loser" that was the cutest thing ever

  • Camili


    Pred 5 dňami

    my favorite part is when dream say "leave me alone" and "is that you?"

  • Xgamer x

    Xgamer x

    Pred 5 dňami

    Dream : I am strong
    Ender Dragon George : but I am stronger

  • • cl0udnel •

    • cl0udnel •

    Pred 5 dňami

    In this video, the tables have turned

  • Lang Kerry

    Lang Kerry

    Pred 5 dňami

    The whimsical stage radiographically train because pig unfortunatly spell around a unkempt cherry. screeching, fretful cartoon

  • Ultra BambooZ

    Ultra BambooZ

    Pred 5 dňami

    0:01 me hoping Dream doesn’t die

  • sajitha shafeeq

    sajitha shafeeq

    Pred 5 dňami


  • ÙwÓĆütęKįttęñšGåçhãツ :3

    ÙwÓĆütęKįttęñšGåçhãツ :3

    Pred 5 dňami

    I knew gogy was going to become the dragon 🥲🤚

  • Janessa Garibay

    Janessa Garibay

    Pred 5 dňami

    why didn't dream just go in the water when george was an enderman 💀

  • Arsenal Gaming 346

    Arsenal Gaming 346

    Pred 6 dňami

    i dear you dream white liste on your smp

  • Woody


    Pred 6 dňami

    if george had gotten a creeper in the portal room he could have ended the game by blowing up the portal.

  • Woody


    Pred 6 dňami

    george is basically the demon azazel

  • riley Dummy

    riley Dummy

    Pred 6 dňami

    Hi everyone (:

  • Brenda Bolden

    Brenda Bolden

    Pred 6 dňami

    Dream how do you get so good at Minecraft

  • Keylimba covers

    Keylimba covers

    Pred 6 dňami


  • szenasigames


    Pred 6 dňami


  • okello jordan

    okello jordan

    Pred 6 dňami

    Hi dream

  • Master _Games123

    Master _Games123

    Pred 7 dňami

    10:31, Thats what she said...

  • jennifer rosa

    jennifer rosa

    Pred 7 dňami

    I wish George didn't have the ability to become the dragon that should have been a rule

  • Vruumi.x


    Pred 7 dňami

    1:19 , George don’t worry, That was in like 1700 or something, things have changed now!!

  • MOBGabriel


    Pred 7 dňami

    this is minecraft mobhunt

  • Pastel Poison

    Pastel Poison

    Pred 7 dňami

    32:40 You can hear faint sort of banging sounds... am I the only one who thought that was dream hitting his head?

  • Toma B

    Toma B

    Pred 7 dňami

    New video idea: Minecraft, but my "friend" George is a rabbit

  • Phan Chi Nam

    Phan Chi Nam

    Pred 7 dňami

    The peaceful vermicelli elderly consist because pajama initially grease times a nutritious wren. astonishing, acoustic baritone

  • BJohnno Super

    BJohnno Super

    Pred 7 dňami

    'A super intelligent mob'
    -George is the mob-
    Me: Not that intelligent

  • Chub


    Pred 8 dňami

    “O-ok I’m cutting that out” proceeds to not cut that out

  • Dirt King

    Dirt King

    Pred 8 dňami

    When it first start I thought what if one of them turns into the ender dragon

  • Santiago y Tomas Jimenez

    Santiago y Tomas Jimenez

    Pred 8 dňami

    the name of the mod?

  • Dyomel


    Pred 8 dňami

    ROMANS 6:23

  • khaled Tube خالد تيوب

    khaled Tube خالد تيوب

    Pred 8 dňami


  • Rizky Abidzan

    Rizky Abidzan

    Pred 8 dňami

    george: super intellegence monsterified
    dream: SIMP (Super Intellegenced Minecraft Player)

  • Jeobirdy


    Pred 8 dňami

    George: I just turned into a dolphin!
    Speeds by Dream as a dolphin on land

  • keke fleur

    keke fleur

    Pred 9 dňami

    dream this entire video:
    *sus* is that you..

  • ⭐ Almatik_bro ⭐

    ⭐ Almatik_bro ⭐

    Pred 9 dňami


  • SmilePearlYT☑


    Pred 9 dňami

    George turns to enderman
    Dream didnt goes on water but he survives



    Pred 9 dňami

    george is the one and only spammyskelebone

  • Lumongga Ritonga

    Lumongga Ritonga

    Pred 9 dňami


  • QuadSingular Studios

    QuadSingular Studios

    Pred 9 dňami

    6:03 is it just me or did dream suddenly get a british accent

  • KYREN Tolliver

    KYREN Tolliver

    Pred 10 dňami

    George the dragon: this world Sal know pain

  • Muzan Kibutsuji

    Muzan Kibutsuji

    Pred 10 dňami

    Minecraft but the ground is controlled by a player

  • Yousef Anazi

    Yousef Anazi

    Pred 10 dňami

    I come help you dream

  • Didak986


    Pred 10 dňami

    He called George intelligent

  • Jaclyn Jeun

    Jaclyn Jeun

    Pred 10 dňami

    i was like GEORGEEEE BE BABYYY ZOMBBIUIIIIEEEE the entire video.



    Pred 10 dňami

    Good that Dream isn't playing 1.17, or he would have found randomly hostile Wardens.

  • Павел Ферапонтов

    Павел Ферапонтов

    Pred 10 dňami

    Hey, Dream!

  • virgin oil

    virgin oil

    Pred 10 dňami

    10:31 🤨📸

  • Georgie Ryman

    Georgie Ryman

    Pred 11 dňami

    "The adventures of dream and the rabbit." Was once said by a wise man named georgenotfound

  • vex reyet

    vex reyet

    Pred 11 dňami

    Dream : *literally screaming*
    Subtitles : [music]

  • Gamerable


    Pred 11 dňami

    How did he get a trident??

  • ʜᴀᴘᴘʏ`'•


    Pred 11 dňami


  • James Caramello

    James Caramello

    Pred 12 dňami

    why are there two videos with exactly same name? Both are liked but the start-picture is different??!!

  • Glupix YT

    Glupix YT

    Pred 12 dňami

    Can you do an other video plz it was so cool !!!

  • schnider simeon

    schnider simeon

    Pred 12 dňami

    i wish i could buy it but no cash

  • Hamza Rage Quitted

    Hamza Rage Quitted

    Pred 12 dňami

    Lets cancel dream XD

  • Badlife gamer Subion

    Badlife gamer Subion

    Pred 12 dňami

    What if goerge try the golem dream will be dead and its funny when george is an enderdragon

  • Venice Ishere

    Venice Ishere

    Pred 12 dňami

    I CANT- 🤣😭🤣😭🤣😭😭😭😭😂😭😂😭😭😂😂

  • Edits._. Animee

    Edits._. Animee

    Pred 12 dňami


  • 🆘️🉐️🈷️Skkuno🔱


    Pred 12 dňami

    But it innl🌚

  • On1yJake


    Pred 12 dňami

    First time you see a player chasing a spider...

  • Kwan Lau

    Kwan Lau

    Pred 12 dňami

    Hello creeper my old friend
    I come to blow you up again🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Kwan Lau

      Kwan Lau

      Pred 12 dňami


  • Florin Slash

    Florin Slash

    Pred 13 dňami

    This mod is great. Make server with balanced teams and you have L4D in Minecraft.

  • Latonya Stephens

    Latonya Stephens

    Pred 13 dňami

    The decorous horn etiologically reflect because spade summarily dry till a furry furtive ketchup. erratic, adamant delete

  • Latonya Stephens

    Latonya Stephens

    Pred 13 dňami

    The likeable bean feraly walk because stem potentially stitch afore a massive balinese. cool, disagreeable tadpole

  • Rey Condino

    Rey Condino

    Pred 13 dňami

    It's so cool

  • rosie uwu

    rosie uwu

    Pred 13 dňami

    Please bring this back

  • learn piano

    learn piano

    Pred 13 dňami

    Dream please reveal your face

  • Danny KK

    Danny KK

    Pred 13 dňami

    9:07 the bunny

  • Mary Shely

    Mary Shely

    Pred 14 dňami

    You came so far just to die to my dragon
    - George -