how I studied for 12 hours a day for over a year

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James Scholz
  • James Scholz

    James Scholz

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    if you speak another language and are willing to subtitle this video, please do it there
    thank you.
    the ted talk at the start of this video may be found here:
    i'd also like to mention that this is a supportive community, regardless of how long you study/how hard you study, at the end of it we're all students and here to learn. I ask that you refrain from toxic productivity in this chat as we try to encourage each other to do better, thank you.

    • Constantin Knab

      Constantin Knab

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      dawmn,I respect you for having the courage to show your emotions :P

    • tom_casual


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      Thank you James. We're rooting for you too.

    • Duke


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      You spent 12 hours a day to not learn a second language. feckless Go running and stop sleeping.

    • Ai ai

      Ai ai

      Pred 16 dňami

      I really wanna hug you 😭 I'm so proud of you I hope you achieve your goals . Take care 💖💖

    • Ámbar Monroy Hancco

      Ámbar Monroy Hancco

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      No soy de comentar en videos, pero en serio. Gracias por ayudar a tantas personas que quieren mejorar sus hábitos de estudio ,no solo para la escuela o la universidad, sino para ser mejores personas cada día💖

  • Vy Thao

    Vy Thao

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    i really like ur voice

  • Rawda Ibrahim

    Rawda Ibrahim

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    ادعولي ان اجيب مجموع يكسر قلب كل حاقد عليا و افرح ابويا و امي و ان ربنا يجبر بخاطري و اني مبقاش اقل من اي حد ف عيلتي ولا صحابي و محدش يشمت فيا وابقي ناجحة ف حياتي🤲❤
    دعوة ٤٠ غريب مستجابة❤ ...ادعولي فضلا و ليس امرا❤
    هسيب الكومنت دا هنا و انشاء الله بأذن الله  ربنا مش هيخذلني ....و ارجع اكتب كومنت تاني بفرحتي بمجموعي و اكون محققة حلمي❤ +اسمي روضة

  • mohamed mourad

    mohamed mourad

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    جميل يا صديقي

  • Jon Garcia

    Jon Garcia

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    I needed this. Thank you James for living such an impactful life. Keep it up bro. I love you.

  • SY L

    SY L

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    I did the same thing when I was 18. The trick is simple. Don't let your friends influence you and keep a regular rountine life. Be you and only you

  • Nik Gaponov

    Nik Gaponov

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    studying 12 hours a day is harmful

  • Mr. Extravaganza

    Mr. Extravaganza

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    I had seen this video on my recommendation's, and thought it was useless i was starting my prepartaion of the 'JEE' entrance examination. I had thought that i am studying 15 hrs, then why to watch such a silly video. But after a few days, my consistently broke and after months, i realised the real value of consistency. So guys please watch such videos because it is very easy to start, as u r motivated, but it is very difficult to be consistent on the entire path and to stand the test of time.

  • Mohamed Neji Ghnimi

    Mohamed Neji Ghnimi

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    I've spent the last month doing this 12 hours of studying per day and the results are devastating, I caught up on all the subjects.

  • Kati Rasol

    Kati Rasol

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    Omg, thank you for Persian subtitle...

  • GOAT


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    But you don't look healthy at all. Now its time to focus on that!! Not talking crap. Im kind of jealous of you haha. Now its my time to put in that work.

  • Aditya Phukan

    Aditya Phukan

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    7:33 facing the same phase.

  • David Santos

    David Santos

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    "The deeper the better"
    -Pornhub comment section

  • Audible Wilcox

    Audible Wilcox

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    conspiracy theorist around 2011 and so on did the same thing. When searching for the truth. We were called names for trying to wake ppl up... who are the crazy one now?

  • Inês Jacinto

    Inês Jacinto

    Pred 15 hodinami

    Burnout is a real issue! Please don't study/work like that everyday!

  • keila


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    the fact that it took me 3 weeks to complete this video says a lot about my attention span and focus

  • Johan Sakib

    Johan Sakib

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    this video changed my life love u james x

  • Ryan Schwalm

    Ryan Schwalm

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    I think you need to break down what Drive is and how it works for this to be effective. I think it's central to communicating what you're trying to say in this video.

  • Вадим


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    Умный да? Сколько будет 2+2*2= ответька, посмотрим!

  • Seungwoo Yun윤승우

    Seungwoo Yun윤승우

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    Thank you so much. I realized how much I was missing on my study. I'll come here again and again to check if I'm on the right track. Your sincerity is appreciated deeply

  • Leonardo Vigário

    Leonardo Vigário

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  • Dinh Dieu Linh

    Dinh Dieu Linh

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    fuck im viertnamese

  • murdy13


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    Amazing. You are a great fellow.
    It's a pity, but I realized the benefits of education too late.
    Good luck. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

  • Karennina Anabel Lazuardy

    Karennina Anabel Lazuardy

    Pred 22 hodinami

    Thankyou for sharing this, really... I believe you can buy a big house for your mom and be a great father. I'm very sure you're going to be helpful to others. Hope you and your mom stay healthy and happy. God bless...

  • Preet Patel

    Preet Patel

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    Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior ✝️❤️

  • Ruan Feitosa

    Ruan Feitosa

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    Sou do Brasil 🇧🇷. Parabéns pelo conteúdo !!!

  • baha boudaira

    baha boudaira

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    His words are liquid gold, i really apreciate your efforts to show us the path in which can make us a better person

  • Anna Júlia

    Anna Júlia

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    Este vídeo resumiu muita coisa que eu estava lendo sobre estudos e hábito. Obrigada por compartilhar um pouco sobre você, amei! Esse conceito de impulso foi ótimo, as vezes estamos tão focados em querer ser bons nos estudos ou só passar em uma certa avaliação que nos esquecemos totalmente ou nem sabemos do porquê restamos fazendo aquilo, mas isso é o principal. Com certeza é um dos melhores vídeos sobre estudos que já vi

  • Hagos H

    Hagos H

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    So Vichey

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  • Random Dood

    Random Dood

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    For the first time ever Youtube actually wants me to stop watching Youtube and do something in llife!
    This video is truly inspirational for those people who feel.
    I'm only 13 years old but this is still very useful for me now and more so in the future.
    Thankyou Again.

  • DT Trang

    DT Trang

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    I don't HOPE trouble won't come our way, but I hope we beat it.
    Isn't difficulty the gift that makes us stronger, right.
    COME ON, YOU GUYS Let's stand up and let's go

  • Yeijopteamo 17

    Yeijopteamo 17

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    Como no ponerla por más de un año

  • Samira Peralta

    Samira Peralta

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    Thanks a lot

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    Люба Беллаш

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    Thank YOU!

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    Tabassum Qureshi

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    Seriously man 12 hours 🙏I'm dead

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    G Mail

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    Люди ,прощу вас ответить мне ,чему он учится???

    • Liana Idrisova

      Liana Idrisova

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      Он просто в целом учится. Сейчас у него уже каникулы, но он каждый день почти учит то, что ему интересно. Японский, программирование и много чего еще. Во время учёбы он занимается непосредственно ей и показывает очень крутые результаты на всех экзаменах и тестах. Спасибо, что посмотрели это видео

  • sristi gupta

    sristi gupta

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    Thank you for making this video 💖 your advice came straight from the heart in the hopes of bettering someone struggling with studying, that means a lot to me 🤠

  • Jeferson Guimarães

    Jeferson Guimarães

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    Poderia legendar mais vídeos em português?

  • Sâm Trần

    Sâm Trần

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    Special thanks for your video, best wishes for you.

  • Eduardo Meloo

    Eduardo Meloo

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    Nice Bro !! The best poeplo on moment

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    Adrian Santos

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    Cara que quarto maneiro, olha aquela plantinha aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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    droplet be1

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    Love u man ♥️♥️

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  • Graff


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  • CookieNinja Mobile

    CookieNinja Mobile

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    Yo James do u like anime? 🙂

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    ben bu adama bayıldım ya.kısa ve öz her şey, açıklıyor.açıklama kısmında bile öz cümleler var.hiç sıkmıyor.bayılıyorum hemen sadede gelenlere.bunu ingilizce yazamadım böyle daha iyi geldi

  • Eulo Arnold Villasenor

    Eulo Arnold Villasenor

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    Is this the lofi girl's brother

  • Luka Pešić

    Luka Pešić

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    your health bar is on 0 dude.

  • Алексей Разводов

    Алексей Разводов

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    You are one of the coolest guys on Youtube I've seen so far! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, that was exactly what I need for now

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      нико нико

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  • CJ RU4

    CJ RU4

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    could I ask what the Jamse studying for?

  • Trashless


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    this helped me SOOOOO MUCCCH i thank u reeaalllyyyy!!!!

  • Thích Hát

    Thích Hát

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    Great, I have a bad English. I will find out my motivations, habits. I will learn English and one day I will tell you what I did. Thank you.

  • AbdulWahab Fanar

    AbdulWahab Fanar

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    Every time I feel down or out of it, I just come to this part 07:20 and it really drives me back to my senses and gets me back on track .
    Thanks so much

  • Luis Carlos Tabian

    Luis Carlos Tabian

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    I’ve always wished that studying could have been my passion. I know what I am capable of and studying could have made me a monster of some sort, but I am a potato right now.

  • Shubham Shukla

    Shubham Shukla

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    When do u sleep????

  • atika Park

    atika Park

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    the moment he cried...

  • Sohaib Ahmad

    Sohaib Ahmad

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    I have decided to completely change my life by implementing these strategies. I will be going to flow state for complete 2 years. Insha'Alllah....Will meet you guys soon.☺️

  • Wilber coello

    Wilber coello

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    Wow! Never thought I'd find a video like this, I've been studying for 5 months and I'm losing the grip; this video is amazing. Thank you!

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    Trù Lao World

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    you know students Vietnam => they said " non" :))

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    Felipe Cruz

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    Too good

  • Şükür Doğukan Balcı

    Şükür Doğukan Balcı

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    If you like to read books, I recommend you to read the Risale-i Nur Book.

  • pikuh2401


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    Muchas gracias , me alegra que hallas progresado , me as impulsado a ser mejor persona y tratare de ser la mejor version de mi tambien ... muchas gracias

  • Dieg0te


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    Que caralho de cabelo é esse, meu amigo? É preciso deixar essa merda assim pra provar que coça a bunda durante 12 horas?



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    i hope that you will achieve the life that you want



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    thank foe this video



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    keep doing you are a great preson

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    Settawitt Somposasain

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    I saw your clip topic in ภาษาไทย รู้สึกแปลกใจ จึงรีบกดเข้ามาดูทันที luv

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    Man your Hair is very cool

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    oh my god, lucas felpi American

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    We are the same bro

  • Ruben Nel

    Ruben Nel

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    Hey bro, I’m a 15 year old boy from South Africa and if you read this or not does not matter but I just wanted to say that it’s 11 pm in the night and while whatching YouTube I stumbled across your video. Yesterday our school locked down due to COVID and I just heard earlier today I’m COVID positive and I’m rethinking my life decisions even though I might seem weird. But I just wanted to tell you THAT IVE BEEN WATCHING YOUTUBE SINCE I WAS 7 YEARS OLD AND I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH A USE FULL VIDEO the information and knowledge you gave me might stick with me for the rest of my life ! I realized that I was wasting a lot of my time on social media and I wasn’t cherishing moments that I had with my family. So I just wanted to thank you for uploading this video and I hope only good things pass your path from now on🤞

  • Conqueror_356


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    Neither loneliness nor lie shall upset you. Human cried when was born. It shall be the last, the last.
    - Cem Karaca -

  • Enova


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    You're best bro.

  • sina hesabi

    sina hesabi

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    I love how this video has even Persian sub cuz I'm Persian and i didn't think you know you have Persian subscribers . Thank you for your amazing work you mean so much to me i can say i couldn't have come to where I am now. Keep going

  • Thương Uyên

    Thương Uyên

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    Wow 1 video thật ý nghĩa và truyền động lực rất lớn. Thank you very much !

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    Esra Esra

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    Hey dostum sen vensin🙁😔

  • Esra Esra

    Esra Esra

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    Yks sınavına 15 gün kala bu videonun karşıma çıkması..

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    Yalancı Tarhana

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    thats lame and unnecessary

  • Dawood Scorpio

    Dawood Scorpio

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    what is he studing for some test or what??

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    Maxwell Easter

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    Imagine studying for 12 hours and still failed the exam😣😣

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    Adrian Manzo

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    What mic is that? O:

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    me studying 10 minutes a day : 😈

  • МаЕсТр0?exze


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    It was the most useful 19 minutes and 42 seconds of my life, thank you very much, I wanted to be the same person you were talking about, but from the part I did some things wrong, and even with the same motivation. I worked all the time on motivation and I realized that this is fundamentally wrong. From your video, I learned not only this, but also many other useful lessons and things. I will save this video and try not to forget to write another comment after I see the first great success in my endeavor, or rather when I learn how to make good sites, I would like to say qualitatively, but this is after. I got a lot of information seemingly for just one video on YouTube, when I watch hundreds of them a day. I hope I will succeed, and I also wish you success in your endeavors! Thanks!

  • Riley Jordan

    Riley Jordan

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    Why does he never talk about his study methods, his course, or his grades? I think him studying for so long everyday is a result of poor study techniques. He’s not triple majoring or anything this all seems like promoting an unhealthy lifestyle.



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  • restinpeaceulas


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  • Channel


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    something tells me that we weren't put on this earth to go to extreme lengths like this just to survive/succeed. The modern world is a nightmare. Everyone deserves to spend time on different dynamic things, and not tank themselves up to study for 12 hours a day. It's really cool if this is his passion, but I really hope that we weren't forced to be this compensating just to be "productive", especially if you have a completely different passion. The modern notion of "unproductive" is completely fine and human. To everyone in the comments - don't beat yourself up over it. No hate to James, I just really hope that "having shit together" isn't the only thing that defines our worth, contribution to the world, and what we deserve to enjoy/achieve in life. Especially for neurodivergent people, people in bad households, etc. I hope we lived in a world where you don't have to go to such lengths to be inclined and focused. I hope everyone could deserve a happy life without working HARD.

    • Channel


      Pred 6 hodinami

      @Liana Idrisova That's good for you. Getting educated definitely is a great door opener, but I hope we weren't compelled to take in information/get better in such an inhumane rate just to deserve said opportunities in life. We deserve to relax and enjoy other things too.

    • Liana Idrisova

      Liana Idrisova

      Pred 8 hodinami

      Ofc studying that much is a choice. But I'm that much in love with studying that it's definitely one of my purpose of life. Getting educated and better everyday drives me.

  • 積ん読


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    wow. i really love this video. keep it up

  • Bọt


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    I study from 7h-11h30, 13h30-17h30, 19h-24h => 13 hours and 30 minutes. Sometimes this 19h-24h changes to 19h-2 a.m => 15 hours and 30 minutes, This is how I manage my time.

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    easy,you just need live in taiwan

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    Bách Triệu

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    chắc có mỗi tôi 1 ngày học ít nhất 14 tiếng :))



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    Thank you!

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    Богдан Сиразиев

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    Мы с тобой бро! Не смей сдаваться!!!!

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      G Mail

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      Чему он вообще учится то??

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    온화한 사람

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    "엄마에게 큰 집을 사주고 싶고, 좋은 아빠가 되고 싶고, 다른 사람들을 도와주고 싶어요. 그런데 하루종일 인스타그램과 유튜브만 보아서는 절대 그 꿈을 이룰 수 없다는 것을 아는데 19년이 걸렸어요." 저도 이러한 생각에 미치는데 23년이 걸렸어요. 비슷한 열망을 품고 처음으로 인생의 외로움, 고통을 마주한채로 공부하기 시작했는데, 어쩌다가 영상을 접하고 여러모로 공감도 되고 얼마나 힘든 시간을 보내고 있을지 싶네요.

  • Ngân KonTum

    Ngân KonTum

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    today i was here to hear your story and i hope i can strong like u bro!
    From VietNam

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    Your amazing man.

  • Gnomo Espacial

    Gnomo Espacial

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    E aqui começa minha caminhada pro progresso!
    Destaque para o Nujabes ali, que tem me acompanhado até aqui e vai continuar me acompanhando nos estudos

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    One day you are going be something big in the future and help the the community