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Hair Love, an Oscar®-winning animated short film from Matthew A. Cherry, tells the heartfelt story of an African American father learning to do his daughter’s hair for the first time.
Matthew A. Cherry (Executive Producer, “BlacKkKlansman”)
Everett Downing Jr. (Animator, "Up")
Bruce W. Smith (Creator, “The Proud Family,” Animator, “The Princess and the Frog”)
Karen Rupert Toliver
Stacey Newton
Monica A. Young
Matthew A. Cherry
David Steward II
Carl Reed
Executive Producers:
Peter Ramsey (“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”)
Frank Abney (Animator, “Toy Story 4”)
Issa Rae (“Insecure”) as Zuri's mother
Co-Executive Producers:
Jordan Peele
Andrew Hawkins
Harrison Barnes
Yara and Keri Shahidi
Associate Producers:
N’Dambi Gillespie
Gabrielle Union-Wade
Dwayne Wade Jr.
Gabourey Sidibe
Stephanie Fredric
Claude Kelly
Music Composers:
Paul Mounsey
Daniel D. Crawford
Additional Composer:
Taylor Graves
Production Partners:
Lion Forge Animation
Chasing Miles
Matthew A. Cherry Entertainment
The project is a collaboration with Sony Pictures Animation that was launched as a Kickstarter campaign in 2017 with a fundraising goal of $75,000. Strong support led to the campaign amassing nearly $300,000, making it the most highly-funded short film campaign in Kickstarter history.
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Instagram - sonyanimation
The picture book “Hair Love” was released by Kokila Books/Penguin Random House on May 14, 2019, and became a New York Times Bestseller.

Sony Pictures Animation
  • xuan pham

    xuan pham

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    When I look a her hair: ..........

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    I love this so much! :')

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    Just cut her hair

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    Set j fguigi we vi HD an p I GG I 8yi TY 9,gugk🤩😇

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    KARIS color joy and friends Henkelwaltz

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    Which movie does that have this short film ins Sony pictures

  • Kearn Schafer

    Kearn Schafer

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    The look dad got when he was cowering on the bed is priceless

  • Arkan NOA

    Arkan NOA

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    Man Sony Pictures Animation have really picked themselves back in since 2017...The gave us the amazing Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse. Delivered an hilarious and vastly superior sequel in Angry Birds 2. They're making Mitchells vs the Machines. Wish Dragon looks pretty fun. Their set change the animation industry by routinely making releasing high budget PG-13 and R-Rated Animated movies with Genndy's Fixed and Black Knight. Bubble and K-Pop Demon Hunters. Things are looking bright for this company. To think they were in a such a dark place in 2017...

  • Arkan NOA

    Arkan NOA

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    the guy who made this has been tasked with helming his own movie for Sony Pictures animation called Tut. i assume it will be a about Egyptian culture

  • بشايَر إبراهيم١

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    الفيديو كيوتتتت ولطييييف ياخيييييي اههه 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️



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    ow this is so sad but in the end it was beautiful

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    Juliana Moraes

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    Pq eu chorei tanto???? Mais fiquei feliz pq o cabelo da mãe cresceu 😁😁😁😁

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    When your mom haves cancer

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    Quê fofooooooooooooooooooooo

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    Absolutely beautiful and heartwarming...

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    4:38 Cat: wow

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    This was absolutely fantastic.

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    i have the book

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    Y'all I was really tearing up when the dad got frustrated and when he was tearing up. This was beautiful!

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    When they show the Mom was NOT dead : *SIGH OF RELIEF INTENSIFIES*

  • Allessandra Alcova

    Allessandra Alcova

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    cancer did exist :D

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    Alejandra Granados Castro

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    This made me cry

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    NAYOMI 7

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  • I am Sherlocked

    I am Sherlocked

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    The hair looks SO 👏🏼 GOOD 👏🏼 all hair textures- even the frickin cat’s FUR texture for this was so good, you can tell so much passion went into making this and it’s rly nice to see new approaches to literally bringing hair to life lol

  • Ashir Akhter

    Ashir Akhter

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    Ok but why is that tablet on the sink like that 😭

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    Ana Mercês costa Costa

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    Eu teraoa.

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    Príncipes da Bola

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    Qm ta aqui por causa do juscelino Kubitschek?

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    Escola é Foda 😠🤣

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    I love it so beautiful 😀

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    this is so pure

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    I want geet Amazon India or mydkdkdkdksduisusj

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    Anisha Boruah

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    This is such a happy movie but why am I crying? tf

  • Arielle Amos

    Arielle Amos

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    i wish my hair was as long as hers my hair may be the same texture but it is no way near as long as hers.

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    alguém BR???????????

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    I have this 📚

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    Molly Dee Chase

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    This just made me cry so much - what an incredible film

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      Patrick raymond

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      +1: 4:2:4:5:6:7:5:4:2:2...

    • Patrick raymond

      Patrick raymond

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    • Patrick raymond

      Patrick raymond

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    Is love ❣️💔

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    This short makes me cry every time! I come back to this video every couple months just to feel something🥲

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  • Natalie Jon tenempaguay

    Natalie Jon tenempaguay

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    Absolutely loved it 💕💕 a black family is the most beautiful family well every family is beautiful but a black family in particular is a powerful one

  • Adassa Barbosa

    Adassa Barbosa

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    Cara! Não tem video melhor q me represnte



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    No one comment for a long time

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    Is so sweet😇

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    Eleanor Torres

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    When my cat wakes me up in the morning 🌄 🤣
    Like I just lagh at the cat when she said meow but it was cute

  • Bailey Bushes

    Bailey Bushes

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    The music when the little girl gives her mom the picture and she removes her hair scarf, reminds me of when the Lorax returned to the Once-ler. Moving and beautiful and I LUVS IT.

  • You are beautiful

    You are beautiful

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    😭😭 😭This was so beautiful. As someone with curly hair I really loved this video

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    Lindo 💖

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    Ovell McMullen

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    i cryed

  • Varsity 1

    Varsity 1

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    Latina with thick, long, curly hair here. I relate to this girl when I was little, I hated having my hair done tho cause it would hurt. I wanted my dad to do it cause he barley touched my head with a brush. I’m an adult now and I can manage my hair, but growing up I’d get the comments like a rat’s/bird’s nest or I got attacked by a back ally raccoon 😬
    Better days ahead though :)

  • Sofia Higuita ramire

    Sofia Higuita ramire

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    :v el único comentario en español:vxc

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    This makes me cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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    Cd os br UnU

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    Thomas Landrum

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    2:03 The accuracy 😁

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    Jaidyn Morales

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    I see this so much on my recommendations but here I am watching this for my Advisory Class

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  • Mohammad Hassan

    Mohammad Hassan

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    I never knew her mom had cancer

  • Lizzy Camila Espinoza Contreras

    Lizzy Camila Espinoza Contreras

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    que linda la niña

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    *Well , but why on she didn't had a haircut ?*

  • Turn Left Marco [ARSWOL]

    Turn Left Marco [ARSWOL]

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    (Pin) Her Hair Look Tall

  • Jonathan Ramos

    Jonathan Ramos

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    Sugestão: poderia ter versões em português...

  • Jonathan Ramos

    Jonathan Ramos

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    Essa história é maravilhosa!!! Trabalha dois paradigmas fundamentais: a questão do cabelo afro e a questão dos pais (homens) que cuidam suas filhas e filhos...

  • PorcelanowaPani


    Pred 8 dňami

    Okay but can we talk about how the dad, who's probably been with the mom for years, still flirts with her in such a cute, cheesy way? That part always gets me, it's so sweet! Everyone take notes on how to show a beautiful relationship!

  • Lily Fraser

    Lily Fraser

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    I almost cried this film is so sad

  • Kristin Taylor

    Kristin Taylor

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    not me crying at 7:21 A.M.

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    Callysta Kok

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    北冰洋me rang ka k

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    Ana Cláudia Azevedo Ferreira

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    Her little hand 🥺

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    ꧁XPinky Girl꧂

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    Did they just leave the cat all alone 😂

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    killua zoldyck

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    YouTube: *”Lets put this in the recommendation 1 year later :)”*

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    Angelyna Mitchem

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    Def started tearing up on this one 🥺🥺so cute

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    Bløssøm Dream UwU

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    Fun fact:There is a book of this animation

  • Mely Barzco

    Mely Barzco

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    being different is fine....
    Love yourself💜

  • Janice Zaldua

    Janice Zaldua

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    My school Jenkins Elementary we were watching this video and my whole class was doing a book about it so it's kind of cool I really like these kind of stories at the end I started crying

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    Shamim Ara

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    So beautiful.its so inspiring!!!

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    HARU M

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    Love this short film⚡⚡

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    who can relate to the vid i know i can

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    funny with the family

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    There a number 2! I NEED ONE

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    Brought tears to my eyes

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    one very lucky little girl!

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    Not me crying bc of a 7 min video

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    Maria Lopez

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    This connected with me so hard :( I was e self conscious in My teenage years and people used to call me "Bad hair" now I only wear My hair straight because it is the only way I feel confident

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    Pov: you had to watch this for class